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    Digital & Social Marketing

    Social media marketing is an increasingly important component of any online marketing mix.

    A well-developed social media strategy for your business help to foster the relationships between your brand and your customers. Effective social media marketing also offers great SEO benefits that can help your rankings.

    Most social media managers understand the business value of social media. There are many challenges that a social media manager has to face in this ever-changing online world. Managing multiple social media accounts expect you to be virtually online 24/7.
    JMV Telecine Advertising social media management service is a great way to get you started fast and see continuing growth. Identifying your prospects on different social media platforms is crucial. We are here to make your life easier. Every business would like some insight on how to keep their audience engaged through social media. It is critically important when hiring a social media agency to find the right fit for your business.

    Wondering Why You Should Choose Us?

    We’re rooted in social. We engage people everyday across our clients’ social communities. We’ve seen firsthand how social media transformed our own business. There’s a better way to market your business via social media and we’re here to help you do it.

    How We Price Our Services

    Our campaigns are priced to delivery an ` for your company. Once your plan (a tailor-made game plan) has been developed, we’ll identify the level of resources required to get you to where you want to be within your requirements.

    Our social media management pricing is based on the many different approaches. From Facebook to Instagram and online contests, our social media pricing is based on all the different strategies we use to create an effective online presence for your company.

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    Associate Sponsor = Rs 40,000 + Including GST  | On Ground 14-07-2018 To 14-07-2018

    About City Ki Kitty in Lucknow

    Kitty Parties are very popular everywhere, over which women socialize.
    It’s mostly organised in their colonies/societies etc.

    Giving it a grand scale, Radio City will organise the biggest kitty party in town from which women across the city can participate and bring along their friends, neighbours, families and fellow kitty party member.

    So, this time they don’t get to socialize with just their same known faces but also make new friends across the city.

    For the participants/guests who are a part of the “City ki Kitty” event, CLIENT and Radio city will arrange the entire meal i.e. snacks and refreshment.

    We can have customised merchandises as a special gift to contest winners which has the client’s branding.

    At the kitty party we will have branding like scroll up standees and information leaflets which will promote the SPONSORS and their relevant PRODUCTS/SERVICES

    Radio city team will interact with the ladies and engage them in various fun filled games and engagements integrating the CLIENT PRODUCT/SERVICE

    Information & Education – Our promoters will educate the Ladies about the CLIENT PRODUCT/SERVICE and try to induce sampling.

    Backdrop branding (client LOGO)

    2 Standees with client LOGO

    2 Standees brand exclusive (to be provided by client)

    Space to show case product samples/discount vouchers etc directly to the TG (Ladies)

    For Any : Call on 0522-4010844 | Service Provider:  Dolby Infotainment, Lucknow | GSTIN: 09AJWPN8200G1ZT

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    Get Special Offer for your Publicity- Flex Printing Material, Promote your Local Business in Lucknow. 


    *Flex Billboard – Qty- 250 Pcs, Size 30 Inch/48 Inch, Color- Multi Color

    * Free- 2 Roll Over Standy (Size-Standered), Shoppe Gate (Size- Standered

    *Designing– No Charges

    *Price: INR 42570.00 (Including All Taxes)

    *Service Provided By Dolby Infotainment (GSTN 09AJWPN8200G1ZT ) Call on +91 522 4010 844  | e-mail:

    Offer Validity: 10 Oct 2018 Only




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