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Registration Open For Dancing-GIP

Our main focus is to enhance the participants, who are talented but not getting the right platform to show their talent to the world. We believe that“Grand India Pro (Bollywood Battle Season-1)“  is the starting platform where you can step in for your future in Singing, Dancing & Acting“Grand India Pro (Bollywood Battle Season-1)“  appreciate the best performers and also provide the prize money and trophies to the winners to boost their confidence. “Grand India Pro (Bollywood Battle Season-1)“   gives you the chance to get your Singing/Dancing/Acting  heard/viewed by the right people so that you will get to know about your mistakes and correct yourself. We know in today’s world, various your Singing/Dancing/Acting  auditions are taking place and some of them does the fake promises as well, but “Grand India Pro (Bollywood Battle Season-1)“  is totally new concept and our main motto is to keep the trust of the people and make our show a huge success. Everyone enjoys a little attention and recognition for their talents. “Grand India Pro (Bollywood Battle Season-1)“   gives you that opportunity. You can start by showing your profile and your Singing/Dancing/Acting  some of your favorite songs and seens. Part of that process is recording videos and sharing them with your friends or making new friends who enjoy singing as well. Before long, you’ll have a wealth of new friends who are watching and sharing the new videos that “Grand India Pro (Bollywood Battle Season-1)“have created and upload on YouTube/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter & broadcast on  TV Channel.

The auditions will be held in various cities throughout the country, you will be notified about the audition venue once you are done with the registration process and we will provide a chance to each winner 1 Singer, 1 Dancer/Group and 1 Actor/Actress from senior age group to perform in our professional music videos/Ad Campaign/Short or Full Length Movie  produced by Various Groups or Dolby Infotainment.

Note: This web link is only valid for the Category: Acting | City: Audition in Lucknow.

Prize Distribution Criteria: *Only One Mega Winner From All Category [Actor (Male or Female) or  Singer (Male or Female) or Dancer (Male or Female) ] -:  INR 1 Lac 

*Only One Mega Runner up 2nd From All Category [Actor (Male or Female) or Singer (Male or Female) or Dancer (Male or Female) ] : Ladies Scooter 

*Only One Mega Runner up 3rd From All Category [Actor (Male or Female) or Singer (Male or Female) or Dancer (Male or Female) ] : Android Mobile

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